What is Envision

Print Envision System made by Brain Industries is a combination of hardware and software tools to visualise print position and size before you hit the green button.

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Works with any projector device According to light setup in your production, we can choose right power of projector
3 axes Adjustable stand position You can adjust if the projector is left or right, up or down based on the conditions in your production
Supports any Ar3 file You can use PDIP, CAD-LINK or any other source of Ar3
Precise Calibration Follow few simple steps to get 1mm precission
8 Presets of Calibration You can handle all brother elevations A B C D E F G H switching easyli.
Repositioning of the print What you see is what you get and if you dont like the position of your print, you can either move the product or use keyboard arrows to change position of the print.

See it happen,
Before it happens

You can easily avoid printing over product features like pockets, zippers, sews Precisely Position the t-shirts, polo-shirts, shoes, hoodies, sleeves... Split composition to more prints and continue printing the same product even after drying.

Envision is INDEPENDENT!
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We can provide also automated ar3 and arx4 conversion. Adjusted to fit your workflow. All compatible with our envision solution. Use contact form to request more detail informations.

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